Professional DIY Sensor Cleaning Kit


Vacuumed Package

VSGO is the first company that produces cleaning equipment in a Cleanroom in the camera cleaning industry. Every sensor cleaning swab is packed in a vacuumed package and dust free.

Patent cleaning swab

Soft and flexible swab head spreads pressure evenly across the sensor. It allows the swab to achieve the best cleaning result. Super fine microfiber head-cover is laser cut. It is super fine, smooth and lint-free.

Safe and Powerful Sensor Cleaner

The sensor cleaner is made from ultrapure water, effectively clean sensors without leaving streaks or blemishes. It is safe for both CCD and CMOS image sensors.

Leak-proof Bottle

The sensor cleaner is stored in a unique designed leak-proof bottle and featured with a secure cap that prevents leakage during movement.

simple swipe


“These are really nice kits and well worth the money when compared to other sensor cleaning kits. You get a lot too, lot's of fluid and lot's of sticks to cover you for quite awhile. I bought an APS-C kit and a full frame kit because I have both camera's and it cleaned the both of them perfectly.” 

—  Chris D Williams

Full Frame Kit


APS-C Frame kit


M43 Frame kit

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